Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Happy Fan Babble No.4 (Incorporating Hemps Fresh Bugle!)

Recent News

No.1 The good people at BAFTA have nominated us for "Best Original Soundtrack" for our music on the Pixel Junk PS3 game "Shooter" in the BAFTA Video Game Awards. If you're a BAFTA member - VOTE FOR US! Thanx.

(We didn't believe it either, so look here: http://www.bafta.org/awards/video-games/nominations-in-2010,1017,BA.html)

Exclusive material

Log in at http://www.highfrequencybandwidth.com for our 50 years of Island Records Talvin Singh remix.

Next HFB Events

The Hash Wednesday Sessions starring HFB start at http://www.fnoob.com every second Wednesday from March 3rd 2010 at 1900 GMT. Four clear hours of commercial free music from the vinyl archives of Dr Alex Paterson and Dom Beken.

We're also playing a one off gig at The Orange Street Music Club (Canterbury).Tix cost ?7 from Orange Street Bar (they take card payments) OR call the Tin Man 01303-863474
Doors Open 8pm, Show time: 9pm-11pm Close Midnight
Orange Street Music Club
15 Orange Street
Telephone: 01227 760801

Special Insert

Hemp’s Fresh Bugle

Issue #1

Witnesses at the landing site said, “…we heard Hitchcock’s first bugle! It brought us to Earth's solar system & the Martian House scene…”

…Herb knew of Fred & Bert , Bert knew of Herb & Fred! Together they became HFB. From then on everything HFB became a “joint decision”…

On 27 Jan 2010, at 17:54, Lx Paterson wrote:

“and ? x”

Begin forwarded message:

From: Lx Paterson

Date: 15 January 2010 08:54:10 GMT

To: dom beken

Subject: hfb press " high times " news from beyond the stars .....

Back in the day when ghetto blasters & tag teams ruled the earth, b4 WMD, there came three into one: Herb, Fred & Bert.

Herb F. B. came from a galaxy far into the Future in da mothership of titan proportions.

Living in a pickled pitched pattern within the star of Frequency's (in a beats per Bandwidth), this drifted across the ether: “filter the echo & rearrange my shirt please Herb, we're going in , at one Beat per decade . High Times – HFB!”

Fred H. B. rode on a spirit beyond the phoenix, from on " High ": Beaming down digital

downloads of the new sound called chill hop. Not on a stick, not a boat, but transmitted in earth seconds to the earth portal area known as Malicious Damage. The subject matter concerns an odd couple* called ... HFB

Bert H. F. (alhough the anti matter disclaimer had a cold) ate a worm hole for breakfast, rapped from across the ocean of time, brought warmth, happiness & countless opponents crazed by the souls of their demons; to rest in the open fires of Bambaataa-Land.

* that's odd . three people as a couple ..........

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