Monday, 15 December 2014

History of the Future Pt.2 info + new album on Kompakt + more...

History of the Future Pt.2 is going to be released on February 16th, 2015. More info here.

New Orb album will be released next year on Kompakt. History of the Future Pt.3 (!!) will be released in 2016. More info on short, but comprehensive interview with Alex.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Lisa Stansfield - People Hold On... The Remix Anthology 3CD

In November Edsel will reissue all of Lisa Stansfield‘s Arista-era albums as deluxe 2CD+DVD sets. In addition, a 33-track three-CD remix anthology will also be released. 

On disc three we will find The Orb remix. More info on reissues.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Thursday, 10 July 2014

FFWD 20th Anniversary

On this day, 20 years ago, FFWD album was released, a collaboration between The Orb and Robert Fripp. Out of print, no remaster or even re-release... Too bad...

Thursday, 26 June 2014

System 7 - Out

System 7 is releasing 'Out' - a collection of remixes spread across two CD's, on 7th of July. Most of the tracks weren't released on CD ever. Alex Paterson is mentioned on the cover, however he's only a co-writer of Sunburst, first System 7 single.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

The article about Kris Weston removed

Last year Ibrahim Khider wrote an article about Kris Weston. Sadly he was forced to take it down:
"Kris issued a DMCA copyright take-down notice and is in the process of trying to shut my blog down."

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Live DVD to be recorded

From The Orb newslist:

The Orb - Special Late Live Show - Saturday 15th March @ Electric, Brixton - Live DVD to be recorded

Electronic godfathers The Orb are riding the crest of a new wave that started in 2012 and continues into 2014. Hot on the heels of two critically acclaimed albums with Lee Scratch Perry and the chart-topping box set ‘History Of the Future - The Island Years’, the duo set off on a set of dates that has seen them circle the globe. This word tour included a string of headline, big venue US shows – proving the Orb’s lasting stateside influence as a bastion of quality electronic music, amidst the current EDM craze.

The Orb will be bringing some high profile friends with them, in the shape of fellow purveyors of sonic excellence - Abbey Road Studios, who are filming and recording the gig for a forthcoming Orb live DVD using Abbey Road’s Live Here Now service.

An Electric Brixton packed-full of seasoned space cadets and fresh-faced new recruits in equal measures gave the band a rapturous, hollering reception, following a thunderous, bass-heavy sonic journey, accompanied by a mind-expanding spectrum of visuals. The Orb enjoyed the gig so much, they’ve decided to return to Electric Brixton on March 15th – this time extending the fun into an all-nighter. For anyone lucky enough to have caught previous Orb live extravaganzas in their spiritual south London home, joining the party is a no brainer. And, for anyone yet to beam aboard the mothership, this promises to be a night that’s talked about for years to come, and a chance witness theses early pioneers of live dance music still blazing a mighty trail.

Monday, 20 January 2014

New Orb remix - Killing Joke

Killing Joke is releasing remix compilation titled "In Dub". Here's info from their page:

Youth has created a new Killing Joke release entitled Killing Joke: In Dub. He has written…

“I first discovered Dub in 1976, along with many other kinds of music it became the soundtrack to my late teenage years and consistent through the rest of my life. We were surrounded by Dub in Ladbroke Grove in the late 1970’s…. This is the first time a collection of Killing Joke’s Dub mixes has been released as an album, spread over 3CD’s (as well as a 40 minute bonus DJ Mix) over four hours of Dub annihilation…it has been an epic voyage. Compiling the best of the legacy and distilling all new Dub plates into a definitive collection was never going to be easy. This album has taken over a year to lovingly put together and of all of the many productions and mixes I have been fortunate enough to have been involved with, this one, I’m sure, will be one of those that tells the story best and the one that makes me feel extremely proud to be a part of the phenomena that is Killing Joke."

Killing Joke: In Dub is available as digital download, 3CD set and as a special 3LP/1CD set, which includes a bonus 40min DJ Set featuring tracks from the album. Alongside these album formats, there are some exclusive merch items and bundles to be had.

The album will be released digitally to all pledgers as soon as 100% is reached and all physical items will be shipped out asap thereafter.

The set will contain new Orb remix: European Super State (The Orb Vs Youth Remix) (Church Of The Open Sky & Holy Fool Dub).