Friday, 29 June 2012

Free compilation with HFB and Screen tracks

'The Sounds of Bestival's Ambient Forest' is free compilation you can download from official Ambient Forest site. Go there and click the guitar.

Here's the tracklisting:

01 Maxwell House - Heaven Express (3:33)
02 Afterlife & Pete Gooding present No Logo - Is Anybody Out There? (Ambient Mix) (3:51)
03 Tythe - Let The Dance End (4:31)
04 Screen - Smokescreen (Psy-Dub mix) (5:11)
05 Chris Coco - Splash Point (5:43)
06 Laya Project - Sunrise in Injumbakam (Pathaan’s Tribute Remix) (5:53)
07 HFB - Nano Bytes (Take My Eyes/Reactive Mix) (5:45)
08 Gaudi - Under the Surface (6:41)
09 Phil Mison - Better than Lessons (5:29)
10 The Project Club - El Mar Y La Luna (Lovefingers mix) (10:22)

Total running time: 64:03

As far as I know Screen track wasn't released anywhere and HFB track is taken from 'PixelJunked' album. Gaudi track can be also found on 'Tundra and Sunflakes vol.2'.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Orbserver iTunes bonus track

Check this out (taken from Contact Music site):

CD / digital / iTunes (with exclusive bonus track) 2 x 12" vinyl Deluxe box set (album, instrumental CD, 3 x 7" singles: yellow, green and black vinyl, plus 2 X art prints)

Japanese version is due August 8th - I bet it will also contain bonus track.

Orbserver remixes

According to Alex' post on his blog Gaudi has recently remixed 'Soul Man' and 4 other mixes of 'Golden Clouds' has been also made - 2 by Youth, 1 by Nick (?) and 1 by David (?). I have to figure it out who's who. Stay tuned...

Edit: I think Nick could be Nick Brennan a/k/a Tripswitch a/k/a Codemonkey or Nick Neutronz a/k/a 81 Neutronz... We'll see...

Edit 2: Ahh, of course David is David Harrow... The man who made Battersea Bunches remix...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Official video for Hold Me Upsetter

Taken from Quietus site.

Sidetracks - Music From Sidescroller - new album from High Frequency Bandwidth

(c) 2012 Projector Room Records

1. Intro (0:19)
2. Dog is No Hero (4:58)
3. More or Less feat. Dynamax (4:04)
4. Planet Thanet (4:42)
5. Ghetto World (5:31)
6. Mnp (6:20)
7. Zodiak 3 Arts Klub (3:46)
8. Kamel Hump/Fotographik (5:52)
9. Frozen Reign (5:55)
10. Stage Clear (0:27)
11. Are We Nearly There Yet? (5:43)
12. Planet Thanet (slight return) (5:11)
13. More or Less (81 neutronz remix) (4:49)

New HFB album has been released yesterday on iTunes (more sites to follow). Check out the album teaser on HFB site. It's another soundtrack from HFB to Pixeljunk game - last year we saw the release of Pixeljunked - The Original Soundtrack to Shooter 1&2.

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Orbserver in the Star House tracklisting

Here's the tracklisting for forthcoming Orb album (due September 3rd):

1. Ball of Fire
2. House of the Orb [or H.O.O.]
3. Man on the Moon [or Man in the Moon]
4. Soul Man
5. Golden Clouds
6. Hold Me Upsetter (4:21)
7. Go Down Evil [or Don't Rush]
8. Thirsty
9. Police and Thieves
10. Ashes
11. Congo

Of course it's not official, and taken from Resident Advisor site. On Orb site there's also some words from Kris Needs where he mention all the tracks. That's why I'm not sure about title of track 7 (Needs says about 'Don't Rush', but RA lists 'Go Down Evil'). 'Golden Clouds' is new version of 'Little Fluffy Clouds'. 'Police and Thieves' is cover of Junior Mervin track produced by Perry years ago. 'Hold Me Upsetter' can be downloaded for free from Orb site - sounds very Fehlmann-ish... There are also two other titles that I'm not sure of...

The Orb news reactivated

I was really surprised to see that after one year since last post on this blog, everyday about 25 people reads it. I think this means that my blog is still needed and official Orb site is not enough. So here it is - I will again try to keep up with different Orb news.

I have updated my text-based discography also.