Monday, 25 June 2012

The Orbserver in the Star House tracklisting

Here's the tracklisting for forthcoming Orb album (due September 3rd):

1. Ball of Fire
2. House of the Orb [or H.O.O.]
3. Man on the Moon [or Man in the Moon]
4. Soul Man
5. Golden Clouds
6. Hold Me Upsetter (4:21)
7. Go Down Evil [or Don't Rush]
8. Thirsty
9. Police and Thieves
10. Ashes
11. Congo

Of course it's not official, and taken from Resident Advisor site. On Orb site there's also some words from Kris Needs where he mention all the tracks. That's why I'm not sure about title of track 7 (Needs says about 'Don't Rush', but RA lists 'Go Down Evil'). 'Golden Clouds' is new version of 'Little Fluffy Clouds'. 'Police and Thieves' is cover of Junior Mervin track produced by Perry years ago. 'Hold Me Upsetter' can be downloaded for free from Orb site - sounds very Fehlmann-ish... There are also two other titles that I'm not sure of...

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