Thursday, 16 December 2010

Metallic Spheres on Blu-Ray in Japan

"Metallic Spheres is shortly (29th December) to be released on Blu-Ray in Japan, featuring 2 extra tracks: The Cult Of Youth (Ambient Mix) and Hymns To The Sun...."

HMV Japan

Thanks to Nick King for info.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Interesting article about The Orb + some news about band's future

"Jimmy Cauty, the original other member who left to concentrate on the KLF, has asked to come back to the fold and we're going to re-record what should have been our first album but never got released. I'm also doing an opera - the Royal Opera House has commissioned one from The Orb for 2012. And I'm going to be working with Lee 'Scratch' Perry who, like Dave, was an original hero of mine. One by one, I'm knocking them off."

Whole article here.

Thanks to Bytesizenun for the info.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

UK Charts #12 !!!

Metallic Spheres debuted at no. 12 in UK!! It's their highest position since Orblivion (#19).

And it's #48 here, in Poland, where only few people know The Orb. But everybody knows who David Gilmour is...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Monday, 4 October 2010

Metallic Spheres iTunes app + LX talks on BBC

You can find the app on iTunes:

"its kind of like an interactive visualizer

and also a brief interview with LX about the album:

Thanks to Rachel Roth for info.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Metallic Spheres album covers + tracklisting

On Sony site you can see three different album covers - every format has unique design. And here's the tracklisting for the album:

Metallic Side:
1. Metallic Spheres
2. Hymns to the Sun
3. Black Graham
4. Hiding in Plain View
5. Classified
Spheres Side:
6. Es Vedra
7. Hymns to the Sun (reprise)
8. Olympic
9. Chicago Dub
10. Bold Knife Trophy

Thanks to Rachel Roth for info.

Hymns to the Suns - new Orb video

Clash Music have an exclusive video clip of The Orb and David Gilmour 'Hymns To The Sun' from their 'Metallic Spheres' album. You can view it here.

Thanks to Nick Annan for info.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Metallic Spheres website + new Orb remix

There is Metallic Spheres promo website at It contains some info, video, music and some other goodies.

Another interesting video can be found on the Amazon site.

On the forthcoming Ninja Tune compilation 'Ninja Tune XX' we will find Coldcut & Hexstatic 'Timber' (Super Sargasso Orb Mix). More info here.

Thanks to JOHAN ZIJLSTRA and theORBscureDDJ for info.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Orb and Youth Compile 3-Disc WAU! Mr. Modo Compilation

"Looks like The Orb's co-founder, Alex Paterson (pictured above, front and center), has been quite busy lately. A while back, the classic mixtape he made alongside Thomas Fehlmann for Coldcut's radio show back in 1991 was reintroduced to the world, and more recently, Paterson joined forces with Martin Glover (a.k.a. Youth) and Pink Floyd's David Gilmour on the forthcoming Metallic Spheres album. Now, Paterson and Glover will revisit the days of late-'80s acid-house with a lengthy compilation telling the story of their WAU! Mr. Modo label. Entitled The Orb & Youth Present: Impossible Oddities, the release features classics and rarities from the likes of Insync, Mystic Knights, Indica Allstars, Readymade, Eternity, Uncle 22, and, of course, The Orb. The mix album will packaged along with artwork by The KLF's Jimmy Cauty, a poster made up of music press cuttings from the '80s and '90s, and a bonus third disc featuring a DJ mix of WAU! Mr. Modo tracks by The Orb. You can check out the cover and tracklist before Impossible Oddities is released on September 11.

1. THE ORB ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’ [Demo Version] **
2. ETERNITY ‘Ashram House’ (Extended Mix)
3. THE ORB ‘Tripping On Sunshine’ (Live Mix)
4. DISCOTEC 2000 ‘Feel This’
5. STP TWENTY THREE ‘Let Jimi Take Over’ (Ultramix 1)
6. JOHNSON DEAN FEAT LYNDA LAW - ‘Somebody Somewhere’(Black Country Mix)
7. UNCLE 22 - ‘LOVE’
8. PARADISE X ‘2 Much’ (Out Of This World Mix)
9. DELKOM ‘Superjack’ (Orbital Infusion 2000)
10. SUN ELECTRIC ‘O'Locco’ (Orbital Therapy Part 1)
11. INDICA ALL STARS ‘Open Our Eyes’ (Original)
12. INDICA ALL STARS ‘Open Our Eyes’ (New Style Version)
13. MYSTIC KNIGHTS ‘Filo Funk’

1. ZOE ‘Sunshine On A Rainy Day’ [Reformation version] **
2. BLOWFLY ‘Work Your Body’ (Work Your Body Mix)
3. ETERNITY ‘Blackcurrant’
4. INSYNC ‘Reflection’
5. READYMADE ‘See Saw’ (Victor)
6. STP TWENTY THREE ‘Some Lovin' (Just A Beat) (Massive Mix)
7. UNCLE 22 ‘Sulpher Salsa’
9. INSYNC ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ (Original Mix)
10. MYSTIC KNIGHTS ‘The Wrath Of Khan’ (Long Play Mix)
11. UNCLE 22 ‘Is It House?’
12. SOUND IRITATION ‘Seventh Seal’

CD 3
1. UNCLE 22 ‘The Man From…’
2. SUN ELECTRIC ‘O'Locco’ (Orbital Therapy Part 5)
3. STP TWENTYTHREE ‘Goldfinger’ (Alpine Drive Mix)
4. PARADISE X ‘2 Much’ (Out Of This World Mix)
5. GEORGETTE DELLA ROSA ‘D'ya Wanna’ (Roots Mix)
6. READYMADE ‘Ambient State‘ (Edit)
7. INSYNC ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ (Ambient Mix)
9. JAM ON THE MUTHA ‘Hotel California’ (Orbitally Ambient Mix)
10. APPOLO XI ‘Peace’ (In The Middle East)
11. STP TWENTYTHREE ‘I'm Gonna Love You' (Pablo Style Mix)
12. DELKOM ‘Superjack” (Neutron Infusion 9000)"

From XLR8R site. Thanks to Guiesepe Eisonhawk for info.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Orb featuring David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres - new album in October

Great news today!! New Orb album featuring David Gilmour will be released in October. More info here. And also check out this video (there is David and Youth, but not Alex).

Thanks to Aaron Miles for info.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Premiere of Alex' film

premiere of alex paterson & mike coles' film "battersea bunches" with live music by a. paterson and t. fehlmann + accompanying exhibition of artwork, at the redgate gallery in brixton - full details on here soon

Info from Malicious Damage website.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

HFB's album is out (also available Deluxe Edition)

Hell Fire and Brimstone is the new studio album by High Frequency Bandwidth - it's out now in all the usual places or direct from Malicious Damage.

Here's some info about what you get...

1.Hundred Forty Billion features Dynamax, fresh from The Bronx and European Ambassador of Afrika Bambaata's Zulu Nation and Ice T's Rhyme Syndicate. True credentials. Check out the video on our video page or on YouTube. this track also featured on the BAFTA nominated PS2 game by Pixel Junk, "Shooter" 2. Heptafleurobutryl features MOBO award winning East London MC Funky DL. Unofficially known as "The UK's hardest working man in Hip Hop" his accomplishments are too numerous to list. If you doubt, visit his website. 3. How Far Back? 4. Harmless Feather Bed featuring Dynamax 5. Hallo From Berlin 6. Hot From Behind 7. Happiness Feels Brilliant 8. Hill Film Blues featuring Dynamax. As featured on "Shooter" 9. Hey, Fizzy Bubbles! with vocals from West London's own Gerel 10. Hell Fire and Brimstone as featured on "Shooter" 11. Hidden Foto Banks as featured on "Shooter". Watch the Video on our video page or on YouTube. 12. Holes for Black 13. Harmonic Five [Beatless] 14. Hitchcock's First Bugle features the heavenly trumpet work of Quentin Collins of the Transatlantic Collective 15. Hitchcock's First Blunder 16. High Five Brother featuring Juliet Russell and Simone Niles 17. Huge Fiery Ball Watch the Video on our video page or on Vimeo.

Available from the Malicious Damage Shop is the Delux Edition lovingly packed into a tin with Colsey's artwork and a bonus CD of remixes:

1. Hundred Forty Billion (Gaudi Mix) Recent collaborations with names such as Grandmaster Flash, Horace Andy and Michael Franti make Gaudi one of the world's most in-demand producers and remixers. Just listen to this remix and all will be clear if you didn't know already. 2. Happy Fucking Birthday (Tripswitch Mix) from Cape Town. The track also features Aadesh Shrivastava, one of Bollywood's best known artists - an old friend, he first proved his dexterity over breaks and hip hop by featuring on Wyclef Jean's album Carnival Vol. 2 3.Harmonic Five [Broken] (Indidginus Baragouin Mix) a didg playing sensation from Cape Town 4.High Five Brother (Ivan Novich Mix) an up and coming prodigy from the U.S. 5. Holes For Black (81Neutronz Mix) One of New York's hottest new turntablists, 81 Neutronz aka Nick Low-Beer also features on the latest Eminem album 6.High Flying Birds (Hektagon Mix) from the Pushin' Plastic stable 7.Happy Fucking Birthday (Andy Blake Mix) Andy Blake is currently one of London's most fashionable DJs, regularly holding the fort at World Unknown. 8. Holes For Black (Indidginus Event Horizon Mix) 9. High Five Brother (DJ Red and Josh Dupont Mix) Houston's Finest 10. High Flying Birds (Mike Lennon Mix) Another member of the venerable Pushin' Plastic Stable

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ambient Masterclass

"This month's issue of UK music technology magazine Computer Music (Issue 153, July 2010) contains a feature entitled Ambient Masterclass, which features Dr Alex Patterson of the Orb, Gier Jenssen - better known as Biosphere - and FSOL's own Garry Cobain giving their tips and advice on creating ambient music."

Info from FSOL site.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Another site with Orb shows

Here. Sorted by year and quite comprehensive. Thanks to thatch for managing such a good site!!

Monday, 19 April 2010

HFB's EP:One released

Somehow I missed it - High Frequency Bandwidth has released their first EP, with 2 more to follow soon (April 26th and May 10th).

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Baghdad Batteries Special Edition



"There’s a very special atmosphere to this album: two men bouncing ideas and exploring in classic Orb style to make a classic Orb album, hitting the magic place Alex always strives for, but this time with a lustful vengeance tempered with new gentleness and a movie in their heads."

this is a magnificent piece of nonsensical frippery that looks like it was posted from baghdad in 1938

here's what you get:

the double vinyl

the UK CD release

a special bonus CDR of alternative interpretations

a wallet of recently discovered photographs & documents

a small tin of associated paraphernalia [copper wires, paper clips, pennies, lemon balm seed packet*, numbered badge, action figure]

a unique personalised certificate of authentication stamped by the orb & malicious damage

*due to customs restrictions we can't send the actual seeds outside europe - sorry!

vinyl tracklisting:

STAGE A: styrofoam meltdown 3:45, chocolate fingers 5:14, baghdad batteries 5:09, raven's reprise 4:13

STAGE B: dolly unit 5:02, super soakers 8:42, orban tumbleweed 3:33

STAGE C: suburban smog 6:52, pebbles 1:08, woodlarking 3:48, OOPA 6:12

STAGE D: chucks peaks 9:22, dolly unit remix 8:48

CD tracklisting:

01 styrofoam meltdown 03:45... 02 chocolate fingers 05:13... 03 baghdad batteries 05:09

04 raven’s reprise 04:12... 05 dolly unit 05:01... 06 super soakers 08:42

07 suburban smog 06:51... 08 orban tumbleweed 03:32... 09 pebbles 01:08

10 woodlarking 03:47... 11 OOPA 06:12

bonus CDR of alternative interpretations:

chucks peaks 9:22 [same mix as on the vinyl]

styro 3:43, mutant ambience 5:28

suburban ambience 4:36, the doll 4:18

plastic thrills 5:18, styrofoam capital 10:04

You can buy it here.

Thanks to Aaron Miles for info

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Happy Fan Babble No. 5

Exclusive material
There's a new 2 hour radio show from the Fnoob archives ready to hear or download at

The Hash Wednesday Sessions...

Dom and Alex start a new radio show at tomorrow (3rd March 2010). From 1800 till 2200 GMT we'll be sharing what's on our turntables at home on the internet radio station where you can join ourselves and other listeners in the chatroom. We may even have phone lines open (check fnoob's site for details.)

Hemp’s Fresh Bugle
Issue #2

Herb, Fred and Bert met in a hub on the south star near "great miss indeed ", the deep space outpost warmed by the 6 star system of fnoob. Fnoob is like living in a cushion full of Jamaican rum & emu like beings that eat their own arms. Luckily, their arms perpetually regrow from the ions that bombard "great miss indeed".

"A circus of sound with eons of noise from the outer rim planet high in the constellation of solaris prime." The Star News

“After countless journeys across the chocolate forests, flying against the endless winds of radio waves from mobiles & greys refusing our visa's, 9-11 became just a number. Today is 15-01: just a number, as today will be yesterday one day soon.” The Sunshine Paper (Happy Free Bums)

“HFB – heaven’s finest band - have arrived in a planet near you, from deep space via a sell out tour of Mars at Mount Olympus.

(The biggest mountain range in our solar system.) Theew are rumours of extra gigs in the frozen lakes of the martian north pole. Digital downloads will become available soon...” Hemps Finest Bugle (news spread ad7459*)

Live versions available on Mars only: $5 Plus a free t & a signed poster of solaris prime .

From the lawns of neverland to the statues at gracelands . we bring u " Hell Fire & Brimstone” .....

the Holy Fun Bible 320 Bb C .

We asked one lucky recipient of the new album from the inter kingdom of chilled rhythms for his perspective: “it’s the new set of seconds from that heavy fish breath, the hosts with the most, - your planet is cool. BRING IT BACK. High Frequency Bandwidth - it's a star breaker, a sonic selection to smooth your stockings & leave you in suspenders.”

* extracts from the newspaper HEMPS FINEST BUGLE ad 7459

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Happy Fan Babble No.4 (Incorporating Hemps Fresh Bugle!)

Recent News

No.1 The good people at BAFTA have nominated us for "Best Original Soundtrack" for our music on the Pixel Junk PS3 game "Shooter" in the BAFTA Video Game Awards. If you're a BAFTA member - VOTE FOR US! Thanx.

(We didn't believe it either, so look here:,1017,BA.html)

Exclusive material

Log in at for our 50 years of Island Records Talvin Singh remix.

Next HFB Events

The Hash Wednesday Sessions starring HFB start at every second Wednesday from March 3rd 2010 at 1900 GMT. Four clear hours of commercial free music from the vinyl archives of Dr Alex Paterson and Dom Beken.

We're also playing a one off gig at The Orange Street Music Club (Canterbury).Tix cost ?7 from Orange Street Bar (they take card payments) OR call the Tin Man 01303-863474
Doors Open 8pm, Show time: 9pm-11pm Close Midnight
Orange Street Music Club
15 Orange Street
Telephone: 01227 760801

Special Insert

Hemp’s Fresh Bugle

Issue #1

Witnesses at the landing site said, “…we heard Hitchcock’s first bugle! It brought us to Earth's solar system & the Martian House scene…”

…Herb knew of Fred & Bert , Bert knew of Herb & Fred! Together they became HFB. From then on everything HFB became a “joint decision”…

On 27 Jan 2010, at 17:54, Lx Paterson wrote:

“and ? x”

Begin forwarded message:

From: Lx Paterson

Date: 15 January 2010 08:54:10 GMT

To: dom beken

Subject: hfb press " high times " news from beyond the stars .....

Back in the day when ghetto blasters & tag teams ruled the earth, b4 WMD, there came three into one: Herb, Fred & Bert.

Herb F. B. came from a galaxy far into the Future in da mothership of titan proportions.

Living in a pickled pitched pattern within the star of Frequency's (in a beats per Bandwidth), this drifted across the ether: “filter the echo & rearrange my shirt please Herb, we're going in , at one Beat per decade . High Times – HFB!”

Fred H. B. rode on a spirit beyond the phoenix, from on " High ": Beaming down digital

downloads of the new sound called chill hop. Not on a stick, not a boat, but transmitted in earth seconds to the earth portal area known as Malicious Damage. The subject matter concerns an odd couple* called ... HFB

Bert H. F. (alhough the anti matter disclaimer had a cold) ate a worm hole for breakfast, rapped from across the ocean of time, brought warmth, happiness & countless opponents crazed by the souls of their demons; to rest in the open fires of Bambaataa-Land.

* that's odd . three people as a couple ..........

Monday, 15 February 2010

HFB's Happy Fan Babble No.3

We've just uploaded a 10 minute mix featuring 29 tunes from our favourites for you to listen in-situ or cut-out-and-keep. There's a track listing at the bottom of this e-mail...

Recent News

Last week we braved the freezing weather for the first video shoot of Hundred Forty Billion featuring guest vocalist Dynamax and our very own corporal, Eric Von Skywalker... Shot by Malicious Mike, the video features South London's finest graffiti artists giving Waterloo the HFB treatment.

Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested and ask them to register too... the more people we get on board the better chance we have of being able to start touring!

10 minute mix track list:

1 In Flux - DJ Shadow
2 Falkenbuk - The Orb
3 Hell, Fire and Brmstone - HFB
4 Heptafleurobutryl - HFB
5 The Last Lighthouse Keeper - Transit Kings
6 Hundred Forty Billion - HFB
7 Heavenly Feather Bed - HFB
8 Right Now Real - Mad Lib/MED
9 Getto Rhyme Story Percee P
10 Good Morning Sunshine - Quasimoto
11 Bitches Brew - Miles Davis
12 Japanese Cars - Transit Kings
13 The End of Bitters - Prefuse 73
14 Fist Full of Dollars (Main Theme) - Ennio Morricone
15 Baghdad Batteries - The Orb
16 Energy Fools the Musician - Brian Eno
17 No Awareness - Dr Octagon
18 Soul Clapp - Canned and Able
19 The Stampede- Oh No
20 White Man's Got a God Complex - Last Poets
21 Gladiator - Common
22 Broken Levee Blues - DJ Shadow
23 Ronotik Works 1.0 - Oh No
24 Snowbow - The Orb
25 Fanfare for the Common Man - Aaron Copeland
26 Petite Fluer - Chris Barber
27 Witness - Rodney P/Roots Manuva
28 Huge Fiery Ball - HFB
29 Triple Tone Eyes (Dom1 remix) - Just Jack

Coming up...
Darkfibre direct an insane slow motion scooter stunt fest for "Huge Fiery Ball"...

However I can't find a link for that mix...

Monday, 8 February 2010

Some news about HFB and The Orb

First of all, High Frequency Bandwidth started to sent their bulletin, called Happy Fan Babble:

"After the predictable teething problems when we launched the site this week i thought I'd upload an extra exlusive for the weekend: a one hour continuous mix 1st broadcast on Dom's internet radio show. The next show is Monday night (8th Feb) 2100 to 2300 GMT broadcast at Please listen in - I'll be in the chat room there for any Humdrum Funny Banter!

Please tell everyone you know to register at the site - as soon as we have enough people we should be able to convince the powers-that-be to book us some shows!

Recent News:

The album and EPs are finished and mastered by our friend Hippy. There's a quick spin through of a selection on the front page of our site and 10 samplers on MySpace. The first releases will begin on Malicious Damage Records from April 2010.

Next week we'll be shooting the video for "Hundred Forty Billion" with guest vocalist Dynamax...

Next one is interesting site with Orb live show and an interview with Alex' for download:

"Once a month on solipsistic NATION I feature a live performance from an electronic musician and boy do I have a treat for you today because today’s is a live set from The Orb recorded at the A.B. in Brussels September 25th of 2009! As an added bonus, we’re also going to talk to The Orb’s co-founder, Alex Paterson."

More at Solipsistic.

Plus more live shows:

"LX is DJing at the highly secretive Brixton night "World Unknown" with visuals from our very own Malicious Mike Coles.

February 12th 2010

"A challenging and exciting music policy ." Time Out

“We like the cut of World Unknown's jib, especially when it comes to musical policy” FACT

Dr. Alex Paterson exclusive World Unknown-style set (The Orb/HFB)

Andy Blake exclusive live acid house set (Dissident, Black Editions)

Joe Hart DJ set (Bloc, Body Hammer)

Visuals from Mike Coles (Malicious Damage)

Acid house, new beat, EBM, cold wave, minimal wave, synth pop, proper electro and more.

Due to the phenomenal response to Andy's free World Unknown download, here's a new equally stunning free mix from Joe Hart. Ignore at your peril:

February 12th / 11pm - 5am / Secret location, Brixton, London / £5 before 12 and £7 after . Visit for address or email for address plus £5.00 guest list all night"

And the last live show:


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Archive of Live Orb Shows

Joe Topijan has opened site with archive of live Orb shows. The address is Nice work, Joe!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Chuck Peaks - new track on Orb's Myspace

You can listen to it here. It's 9:21 long and it was available on BBC mix as track 2.

Exclusive mix from HFB + Baghdad Batteries vinyl info

Info from HFB mailing list (thanks to Rachel Roth for it):

just thought i'd let you know that anyone who registers with HFB for future updates can now download a FREE exclusive 1 hour mix by dom beken and alex paterson

just go to and click register and you'll then be taken to the members' area where you can listen or download

then i recommend that you go to where you can exchange monetary units for all manner of fine malicious music and frippery


The mix is actually half an hour long...

Dolly Unit video

Check this out.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Pop Ambient 2010 available to listen

You can listen to whole Pop Ambient 2010 compilation with Orb track among others. Just go here. Thomas Fehlmann song from the same compilation is also available as a free download here.