Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Happy Fan Babble No. 5

Exclusive material
There's a new 2 hour radio show from the Fnoob archives ready to hear or download at http://www.highfrequencybandwidth.com/audio

The Hash Wednesday Sessions...

Dom and Alex start a new radio show at fnoob.com tomorrow (3rd March 2010). From 1800 till 2200 GMT we'll be sharing what's on our turntables at home on the internet radio station where you can join ourselves and other listeners in the chatroom. We may even have phone lines open (check fnoob's site for details.)

Hemp’s Fresh Bugle
Issue #2

Herb, Fred and Bert met in a hub on the south star near "great miss indeed ", the deep space outpost warmed by the 6 star system of fnoob. Fnoob is like living in a cushion full of Jamaican rum & emu like beings that eat their own arms. Luckily, their arms perpetually regrow from the ions that bombard "great miss indeed".

"A circus of sound with eons of noise from the outer rim planet high in the constellation of solaris prime." The Star News

“After countless journeys across the chocolate forests, flying against the endless winds of radio waves from mobiles & greys refusing our visa's, 9-11 became just a number. Today is 15-01: just a number, as today will be yesterday one day soon.” The Sunshine Paper (Happy Free Bums)

“HFB – heaven’s finest band - have arrived in a planet near you, from deep space via a sell out tour of Mars at Mount Olympus.

(The biggest mountain range in our solar system.) Theew are rumours of extra gigs in the frozen lakes of the martian north pole. Digital downloads will become available soon...” Hemps Finest Bugle (news spread ad7459*)

Live versions available on Mars only: $5 Plus a free t & a signed poster of solaris prime .

From the lawns of neverland to the statues at gracelands . we bring u " Hell Fire & Brimstone” .....

the Holy Fun Bible 320 Bb C .

We asked one lucky recipient of the new album from the inter kingdom of chilled rhythms for his perspective: “it’s the new set of seconds from that heavy fish breath, the hosts with the most, - your planet is cool. BRING IT BACK. High Frequency Bandwidth - it's a star breaker, a sonic selection to smooth your stockings & leave you in suspenders.”

* extracts from the newspaper HEMPS FINEST BUGLE ad 7459

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