Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Orb To Perform Tubular Bells

by Paul Cashmere - May 31 2009

House pioneers The Orb will pay tribute to Mike Oldfield`s classic `Tubular Bells` with a special performance of the piece called Orbular Bells.

The performance will take place in London on June 6th as part of the British Music Experience, a new and permanent exhibition to be housed at the O2 Arena.

The Orb will perform a DJ set featuring the Tubular Bells music while in another performance, The Hard Bell Ringers of Great Britain will do their own version of the classic on the same day.

Paul Lilley, curator of The British Music Experience, commented: "Tubular Bells is a much loved classic British album and I can't think of a more appropriate place to celebrate it than at The British Music Experience, fast becoming the home of music history in the UK. Interactivity is key to the exhibition and I know children and adults alike will be clamouring to have a go themselves."

The event is free to attend.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Baghdad Batteries delayed

Bad news from Malicious Damage:

"the release has been delayed until september 7th so we won't be taking advance orders until august"

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Liquidator Chelsea Mix (HFB vs The Orb)

Strange track called 'Liquidator Chelsea Mix (HFB vs The Orb)' is available as a free mp3 on Get it here.

Thanks to Aaron Miles for info.

Ketama Live vol.3 (Tundra and Sunflakes) - new mix by The Orb

Suddenly appeared here and there. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Autolump - Is It Likely (That A German Person Will Hear This?) 7:50
2. The Orb - DDD (Belka & Strelka Mix) 5:04
3. The Orb - Angel 4 Matrix 3:34
4. Caned & Able - Soul Clap 4:06
5. Vin100 & Merka - Ruski 5:49
6. Belka & Strelka - Tico 1:00
7. Nu Galaxy Constellation 253 - ARI (Ant) 7:14
8. HFB - Broken 5th Harmonic 5:36
9. Nina Walsh - Strong (The Power Remix) 3:36
10. Vin 100 & Hektagon - Perpetual 4:51
11. Hugh & The Sounditions - Asaram 4:23
12. Rootmasters - Janis Joplin’s Mum 4:39
13. Canola Tenderfoot - First Come First Served 3:15
14. Transit Kings - The Last Lighthouse Keeper 6:36

Released in Russia on World Club Music label. First one in Ketama Live series was mixed by Youth, second one by Cell.

Edit: added track durations.
Edit2: Some more shots of the digipak and CD itself.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Transmission Remix

Somehow I missed it:

we’ll have the transmission dance alone video ready and online by next monday to coincide with the digital release of the EP
here’s the tracklisting:
1: dance alone [single edit] 4:26
3: dance alone [ambient drift mix] 11:02
4: dance alone [detroit tech mix] 4:50

From Malicious Damage mailing list.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Baghdad Batteries tracklist

Seminal UK ambient outfit The Orb are set to release their new LP, Baghdad Batteries in July. 

Widely credited as a driving force behind the early '90s chill out and ambient house movements, the group has existed in various different formats during their two decade life span, with founding member Dr Alex Paterson remaining the only consistent player throughout. Baghdad Batteries heralds the reunification of Paterson and long-term collaborator Thomas Fehlmann who last sparred together on 2005's Okie Dokie It's the Orb on Kompakt. 

The album will be the third in the Orbsessions series for UK imprint Malicious Damage, although whereas the previous two entries were comprised of "nuggets trawled from the vaults," the latest offering will be composed of brand new material recorded at Fehlmann's Berlin studio. So how does it sound? Expect a "subterranean house pulse beamed up from the Earth's core, resulting in a new form of space disco which sounds as old as time itself while brushed with the most future-pointed minimal techno shadows," and you'll be somewhere close. 

01. Styrofoam Meltdown
02. Chocolate Fingers
03. Baghdad Batteries
04. Raven's Reprise
05. Dolly Unit
06. Super Soakers
07. Suburban Smog
08. Orban Tumbleweed
09. Pebbles
10. Woodlarking
11. OOPA

Malicious Damage will release Baghdad Batteries by The Orb on July 6, 2009.

Taken from
Resident Advisor web site. Thanks to Aaron Miles for info.