Monday, 8 February 2010

Some news about HFB and The Orb

First of all, High Frequency Bandwidth started to sent their bulletin, called Happy Fan Babble:

"After the predictable teething problems when we launched the site this week i thought I'd upload an extra exlusive for the weekend: a one hour continuous mix 1st broadcast on Dom's internet radio show. The next show is Monday night (8th Feb) 2100 to 2300 GMT broadcast at Please listen in - I'll be in the chat room there for any Humdrum Funny Banter!

Please tell everyone you know to register at the site - as soon as we have enough people we should be able to convince the powers-that-be to book us some shows!

Recent News:

The album and EPs are finished and mastered by our friend Hippy. There's a quick spin through of a selection on the front page of our site and 10 samplers on MySpace. The first releases will begin on Malicious Damage Records from April 2010.

Next week we'll be shooting the video for "Hundred Forty Billion" with guest vocalist Dynamax...

Next one is interesting site with Orb live show and an interview with Alex' for download:

"Once a month on solipsistic NATION I feature a live performance from an electronic musician and boy do I have a treat for you today because today’s is a live set from The Orb recorded at the A.B. in Brussels September 25th of 2009! As an added bonus, we’re also going to talk to The Orb’s co-founder, Alex Paterson."

More at Solipsistic.

Plus more live shows:

"LX is DJing at the highly secretive Brixton night "World Unknown" with visuals from our very own Malicious Mike Coles.

February 12th 2010

"A challenging and exciting music policy ." Time Out

“We like the cut of World Unknown's jib, especially when it comes to musical policy” FACT

Dr. Alex Paterson exclusive World Unknown-style set (The Orb/HFB)

Andy Blake exclusive live acid house set (Dissident, Black Editions)

Joe Hart DJ set (Bloc, Body Hammer)

Visuals from Mike Coles (Malicious Damage)

Acid house, new beat, EBM, cold wave, minimal wave, synth pop, proper electro and more.

Due to the phenomenal response to Andy's free World Unknown download, here's a new equally stunning free mix from Joe Hart. Ignore at your peril:

February 12th / 11pm - 5am / Secret location, Brixton, London / £5 before 12 and £7 after . Visit for address or email for address plus £5.00 guest list all night"

And the last live show:


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