Thursday, 20 March 2014

The article about Kris Weston removed

Last year Ibrahim Khider wrote an article about Kris Weston. Sadly he was forced to take it down:
"Kris issued a DMCA copyright take-down notice and is in the process of trying to shut my blog down."


  1. I did not know, they can take your article down about a person due to a copyright issues.

  2. its because he was an ex-friend of mine that used a photo he took in private of my face. i dont want pictures of my face on the internet so i very politely asked him to take it down and he refused point blank so i had to take the legal route unfortunately. i dont know what universe that dude lives in, but in my world - if you put a picture of a friend up on the internet without their permission and they dont like it, its their call whether it stays on there, not yours. it just so happens that that is the law in many countries as well. you own the copyright to your own face!! :)

  3. So the ARTICLE was removed because of a PHOTOGRAPH copyright issue? Yeah, that makes a huge pile of absolutely no sense.