Saturday, 19 February 2011

Some interesting info from Aaron Miles

The weird Orb/HFB track released a while ago - Liquidator Chelsea Mix (HFB vs the Orb) is ACTUALLY The Harry J. All Stars - Liquidator from the I'll Be Black compilation... Might be a little bit different but not enough to be a remix.

On the Baghdad Batteries bonus cd, the track "The Doll" is a version of Thomas Fehlmann's Barbie Girl remix of Electric Chairs BOB 6.

Another Fehlmann connection is Angel 3 Dub from Orbsessions 1 and Angel 4 Matrix from Orbsessions 2 is ACTUALLY Teufel from Fehlmann's Good Fridge (Flowing: Ninezeronineight).

Thanks to Aaron Miles for info.

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