Friday, 4 February 2011

Battersea Bunches Limited Edition A & B

Limited edition set of battersea bunches prints + DVD

there are 2 versions of this, SET A & SET B, each one has different prints but the DVD contents are the same on both

a short film by mike coles & alex paterson with music specially created by the orb plus accompanying exhibition by mike coles
In 1956 three young children took a trip from Battersea to Greenwich and the journey was beautifully captured on super-8 film by their aunt. In Battersea Bunches Mike Coles and Alex Paterson have revisited this journey, merging echoes of the past with fragments of the present to create an emotional and powerfully surreal memory. Ghosts of childhood in the fifties haunt the cavernous and derelict Battersea Power Station of today, fragments of lost time drift along the river Thames blending with snatched visions of the future. Set to a haunting musical soundscape written and recorded by The Orb this film suspends us in a twilit, dreamlike world of lost memories. It has its funny bits too.
Mixing stills from the film with contemporary footage Mike Coles has created a series of stunning, frozen snapshots of this haunted magical world.

6 signed & stamped prints of images from the exhibition
ON THE DVD: Battersea Bunches Film 17m 26s
Slideshow of images from the exhibition plus extra images
Dolly Unit by The Orb, promotional video 05m 04s
a poem by Lil Newell written when she filmed the original footage in 1956

PLEASE NOTE: the DVD was burnt for UK TV systems and i'm not sure whether it will work in other regions, however, it should work on most computers

Get it here:

Thanks to Aaron Miles for info.

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