Thursday, 5 March 2009

Detailed Orb discography

I like text-based discographies. Since 2001 I was constantly updating The Orb discography based on old Lazlo Nibble's work. And now I want to share my work with you. The file (270 kB big) contains all Orb releases, remixes and compilation appearances every Alex Paterson collaboration & dj mix, Andy Hughes, Andy Falconer & Kris Weston discographies and much more. Take it from here. It is rough text, so it includes some mistakes, my comments etc. See it in a text editor and do not wrap lines (some are quite long).


  1. Lazlo's version was outdated and recently went offline so thank you for keeping this going!!

  2. Thanks!! I'm updating it as often as I can.

  3. Very Nice! love what you have done,a bit long but hey!.I'm also a big Orb fan and invite you to my blog with orb/klf & much more.
    will print out the list so I can read it tonite.Many thaanks

  4. @lazy: Thanks. I'll add your blog to my links.