Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Some older releases

The Orb has made a very nice mix for Resident Advisor (released 8 Jan 2009). The page also contains interview with Youth. You can download the mix for free from here (it's not available from Resident Advisor site anymore). The tracklisting is not given, but I was able to reveal most of the tracks, so it goes like this:

1. Ulf Lohmann - Audrey (4:05)
2. Ulf Lohmann - Kristall (3:50)
3. unknown (3:48)
4. The Orb - The Forest of Lyonesse (0:21)
5. Andrew Thomas - I Am Here Where Are You (3:42)
6. The Orb - Snow Bow (2:03)
7. Gas - Gas 1 (9:46)
8. Klimek - Sun(rise) (4:14)
9. Köhncke/Heimermann - Albatros (8:03)
10. Thomas Fehlmann - With Oil (3:04)
11. Ulf Lohmann - Nicht die Welt (2:22)
12. Markus Guentner - Chrom (6:41)
13. Ulf Lohmann - Audrey (4:10)

Most of the tracks are taken from various Pop Ambient compilations. Track 3 is still a mystery to me. If anyone knows what is it - let me know.

Paterson has also returned to make remixes. Last year we were able to have remix for Infadels (made by Alex and Tim Bran): Circus of the Mad (orb remix) (5:40) released on A Million Pieces single (details) and a mix available on Verve//Christmas Remixed compilation. It's track 5: Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (the orb remix) (5:31) (details - made by Alex and Thomas Fehlmann). Both mixes are totally different - Infadels one is in The Dream fashion and Armstrong is more Okie Dokie-ish.

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