Monday, 16 November 2015

New Suns of Arqa remix album

'All is not Lost, All is Dub' is name of new remix album credited to Suns of Arqa featuring Youth, Raja Ram & The Orb. Unfortunately none of the remixes are made by our heroes. Tracklisting:

1. Mother Tongue (Total Eclipse rmx)
2. Sadrayama (Saafi Brothers rmx)
3. Erasmus Dub (Kukan Dub Lagan rmx)
4. The Fool Ascends ( In Dub rmx)
5. Discordant Dawn (Kuba rmx)
6. The Truth Lies Therein (Eat Static rmx)
7. Pablos Lament (Youth rmx)

This will be only digital release, no CD is planned. Coming out in November. Details.

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