Monday, 11 April 2011

More new releases from High Frequency Bandwidth

At long last the Original Soundtrack Recordings from HFB's score to the PixelJunk® Shooter series is available to buy. Every track has been lovingly re-created from the dynamic score prepared for the Playstation games.

Shooter 1 garnered a BAFTA nomination for Best Original Soundtrack (Shooter 2 will be eligible for next year's awards.)

Malicious Damage Records have released the album as a DRM-Free Download in iTunes and all good MP3 stores as of now. Priced at £7.99 for the UK, the full iTunes version includes a digital booklet featuring exclusive artwork, original concept art from Shooter 1 & 2 and liner notes from Q Games' studio director Shouichi Tominaga and HFB.The album will also be available on your Playstation via the Playstation Store and Playstation Network very shortly.For those of you who found HFB listening to the PixelJunk games, we've reason to be optimistic that Shooter 2 isn't the end of the story, but like us, you'll have to wait and see.

We've just finished a remix for Russian label Ketama Records (who hosted HFB's debut in Moscow)of the delightful "Sirtaki on Mars". Keep your eyes pealed here for a preview.

Juliet Russell (vocals on "High Five Brother") just released her debut solo single which she co-produced with Dom Beken. Watch the video, buy the single or give a thumbs up to her Facebook site all via

Dynamax (vocals on several HFB favourites) has been collaborating with Dom on a new project known as Years of the Canine. Guests include Afrika Bambaata, Mike "Clip" Payne (Parliament/Funkadelic), Kris Needs and Guy Pratt. Check it all out at

Keep an ear out for Alex's new project with Gaudi and Chester... codename ScreeN.

Thanks to Aaron Miles for info

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