Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Le Gran Orb Soundsystem

"tune in to
next week, the 11th Lx Paterson's Chewy Chewsday session with DJ Gaudi
... & on the 18th Lx announced (on today's Chilled Chewy Choosedays session) The Orb Soundsystem will be live (sounds like a tour rehersal!)"

Thanks to Giuseppe Eisonhawk for info.


  1. Hope they come back to the USA to makeup for the one that got canceled..

  2. Under "Orb Links" where is Facebook? ---->

  3. hmmm, no codes this time just all I heard was the reference to that Welsh DJ was a distant cousin of DJ Lewis & Lx kinda does'nt like it when tour promoters over price on The Orb bookings so don't cut there money C-;