Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mysterious Orb remix - Lindsey Cockwell

Some of you might remember the mysterious promo CD-R for Badorb's Bless You compilation which included exclusive track Tiny Snatch by Lindsey Cockwell. Aaron Miles was able to find this track and noticed that it sounds very orb-ish. It might be produced by Orb or remixed by the band (the track is 3:26 long). Lindsey Cockwell official site has interesting quote: "...Somewhere in the middle of all this her ear for melody was spotted by Alex Patterson of the Orb who produced a version of her song 'Tiny Snatch Of Daylight'..." The track has basslines and pretty good production. Her own stuff is quite minimal in comparison.

So, if someone knows anything about this track - let me know.

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