Friday, 10 April 2009

New Orb album news + The Orb has remixed Transmission

Info from Malicious Damage:

"THE ORB: BAGHDAD BATTERIES {orbsessions vol iii}

this is all mixed, mastered and being manufactured at the moment... it's all
brand new material from alex paterson and thomas fehlmann, it'll be released on july 6th and here's a slice of the press release: "... the good Doctor sets the controls beyond any Earthly confines and gets down to stratospheric sound painting and advanced sonic science, sprinkled with an avant garde disregard for conventional structures. These startling electronic odysseys are hatched with long-time collaborator Thomas Fehlmann, The Orb's Berlin connection who's been there from the first album and last made his towering presence felt on 2005's Okie Dokie album for the renowned Kompakt label, bastion of Berlin techno. Such is the case with Baghdad Batteries where the pair have injected some of these breathtaking outings with a subterranean house pulse beamed up from the Earth's core, resulting in a new form of space disco which sounds as old as time itself while brushed with the most future-pointed minimal techno shadows..."



the second single in the download series hidden foto banks is now available on itunes:

they did a fantastic set on the friday night at the-situation and there's another couple of gigs on the way

25th April at Ironworks, Inverness, Scotland

6th June at Inspiral Lounge, Camden, London

the video for hidden foto banks is slightly behind schedule but it should be up on youtube by the end of next week and single no. 3 should be available in a month or so



we're releasing dance alone from the sublimity album as a download single on may 11th... it's accompanied by 3 remixes including a killer orb remix [THE LEGEND OF A VISITING ORB, FROM ANOTHER TIME & SPACE]"

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